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Mx. Welu T. Dixon ~ Non-binary. Fem!Bloke
I use a middle initial so you know I'm sophisticated.


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  1. Please, never ring my landline or knock on my door. I am incapable of answering. I’m so sorry.

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    The Black body, more so of women, have stood on the opposite side of the narrow Eurocentric standards of beauty. Black hairstyles have defiantly rebelled against and even when straightened added creative magic of Blackness and Boldness. 

    Black hair, whether relaxed or natural, locked or shaven is beautiful. Black women are beautiful. 

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  6. People are like, “You’ve gotta cut your hair.” They get so upset. They’re like “cut your hair, cut your hair.” And then all the people who defend me, they’re like, “Do what you want, man. He’s his own person.” I’m like, this is a lot of conversation about hair. This is too much, too much passion.

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    Very important video.

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Herman le Grande, Dachshund (3 y/o), Hyde Park, London, UK


    Herman le Grande, Dachshund (3 y/o), Hyde Park, London, UK

  9. I should get a tattoo of Jessie from Toy Story.

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    1500 words into a smut fic and the first piece of clothing has been removed.


    2300 words in, first kiss has happened.


    Hey Welu, are you reliving my life as a smut writer because

    There’s barely even any dialogue! Although the first part is just mostly self indulgent character describing.

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